On the night of the largest supermoon in history, Willow is called upon by her estranged father and finds society’s elites gathered in a secret facility, ready to escape the planet.

She is made to choose between love or her privilege: stay behind with Dan, or leave with her father before the moon collides with Earth.

A sci-fi romance set in heightened reality exploring class and inequality.

8th SciFi Film Festival, Australia13th Shockfest Film Festival, USA
47th Boston SciFi Film Festival
10th Philip K. Dick Film Festival

‘Willow’ - Gabrielle Sheppherd
‘Dan’ - Sam Parkinson
‘George’ - Robert Perkins
‘Catherine’ - Tania Khan


Director: Shane Lim

Writers: Caroline Webster, Shane Lim

Producer: Diana Põdra

Cinematographer: Matt Vahey

Production Designer: Iasonas Houssein

Editor: Constance Brannick

Composer: Saul Bragman

Sound Designer: Harry Parsons

Production Sound Mixer: Alexander Preddy

Online Editor / Colorist: Micheal Pearce

VFX Supervisor: Eliis Kuusk

VFX Producer: Yilin (Lesley) Cai

Production Manager: Pia Kaiser

Casting Director: Sharon Sorrentino

1st Assistant Director: Trevor Kaye

Prep 1st Assistant Director: Jeroen Cocqyut

2nd Assistant Director: Helen Wilson

3rd Assistant Director: Julian Lara Cid

Script Supervisor: Jane Bell

Production Coordinator: Vigdis Maack

Production Assistant: Amelia Sabeti

Runner / Driver: Edoardo De Rico

Floor Runners: Bryony Dyson, Michael Roe Made, Niamh Broderick

1st Assistant Camera: Bernat Bonaventura Hortal

2nd Assistant Camera: Lou Macnamara

Steadicam Operator: Laura Seears

Gaffer: Jack Knott

Sparks: Alex Kerr, Andrea Sarcinelli, Ebba Hult, Evance Breteuil, Jamie Legge Martino Masi, Nathalie Pitters, Oliver Craig, Rachel Liew, Ross Brown

Art Director: Callum Higgins

Standby Art Director: Eleanor Dolan

Graphic Designer: Rosie Carmichael

Art Assistants: Sergiu Moscalius, Steven X. Haber

MUA: Megan Langley

Assistant MUA: Clare Eastham

Wardrobe: Ashley Conor

Wardrobe Assistants: Bianca Johnson, Blue Tuohy, Beatrice Darwell-Taylor

Location Manager: Edward Osmond-Jones

Assistant Location Manager: Morgane Valladie

Location Scout: Oliver Laurenson-Gore

Catering: Cut & Cork Ltd.

1st Assistant Sound: Ross Brown

2nd Assistant Sound: Griff Miles, Angus Puczyniec

Foley Artist: Ross-Wilkes Houghton

Editor Assistant: Raluca Petre

Stills Photographers: Archis Achrekar, Vladislav Muko

Compositors: Eliis Kusk, Pietro Abati, Yilin (Lesley) Cai


A hybrid docu-fiction film about Sarah, a professional dancer turned lifestyle coach after a successful battle with cancer.

The film serves as a comment on the "influencer" in the social media landscape, its title a reference to the myth of Narcissus.

Exit 6 Film Festival, UK

5th Birmingham Film Festival
- Nominated, Best Student Film

4th Out of the Can Film Festival, UK

Norfolk Film Festival


‘Sarah’ - Katie Moore
‘Molly’ - Emma Attwood


Writer / Director: Shane Lim

Producer: Andrew St Maur
Cinematographer: Emma Langguth

Editor: Ona Bartroli Portell

Composer: Saul Bragman

Sound Designer: Tatiana Sanches

Sound Recordist: Alexander Preddy

Colourist / Online Editor: Andrea Lo Priore

VFX Supervisor: Nicola Borsari

Production Managers: Jovana Damjanovic, Pia Kaiser

Casting Director: Pia Kaiser

1st Assistant Director: Aline Leduc

2nd Assistant Director: Marguerite Poupinel

Script Supervisor: Merryn Rae Peachey

Location Manager: Jovana Damjanovic

Art Director: Laura Bright

Art Assistant: Ethan Lake

1st Assistant Camera: Micheal Hannidas

2nd Assistant Camera: Stefano Garbin

3rd Assistant Camera: Davide Miglami

DIT / Gaffer: Twan Peeters

Spark: David Dufour

Sound Mixer: Alexander Preddy

1st Assistant Sound: Marc Canivell

2nd Assistant Sound: Griff Miles Sam Jenkins

Foley Artist: Paula Boram, John Fewell

Digital Compositing: Nicola Borsari

CG Artist: Lesley Cai

Graphics: Rico Vina

MUA: Evangeline Kelly-Tarrant

Dubbing Mixer: Ruth Knight

#L4L | DRAMA | 3 MINS | POLAND | 2019 • 

A young girl becomes insecure about her number of social media followers after posting a selfie online.

11th Amarcort Film Festival, Italy

Abycine 2019: Festival Internacional de Cine de Albacete, Spain

31st Filmfest-Dresden International Short Film Festival

5th Bucharest Short Film Festival

I discovered the social media hashtag ‘#L4L’ through Marysia, the film's protagonist.

By tagging your posts with '#L4L', you agree to exchange a "like" for a "like".

The film focuses on the need for social media validation and its effects on teenagers like Marysia.

Marysia Kozłowska

Writer / Director / Editor / Compositor / Colourist: Shane Lim

Producer: Julia Kaszprzyk

Cinematographer: Marianna Klein

Camera Assistant: Nadia Szymanska

Sound Editor and Mixer: Rob Price

Location: Partrycja Prokopek

STRONG | DRAMA | 15 MINS | 2018 • 

Matt quietly struggles with his transition from police officer to stay-at-home dad.

When his wife expresses her desire for a second child, he finds himself unable to confront his insecurities and secretly goes for a vasectomy.

A story about a hidden aspect of toxic masculinity: keeping silent.

Shot on 16mm film.


‘Matt’ - Richard Shanks

‘Mycah’ - Abi Mcloughlin

‘Bailey’ - Gabrielle Magar-Phibbs

‘Doctor’ - Darren Benedict

‘Jordan’ - Jonny Glasgow


Director: Shane Lim

Writers: Shane Lim, Nathan Hardisty

Producer: James Bowsher

Cinematographer: Nathalie Pitters

Production Designer: Andrew Merrison

Editor: Armiliah Aripin

Composer: Cora Miron

Sound Designer: Joao Fonte

Sound Recordist: Balint Csaki

Production Coordinator: Lara Kristjansdottir

Casting Director: Jane Frisby

1st AD: Cordelia Hardy

2nd AD: Julian Lara Cid

3rd AD: Laura Briggs

Script Supervisor: Hannah Pigott

2nd Script Supervisor: Rebecca Reeves

Production Assistant: Elodie Taylor

Floor Runners: Aline Ludec, Ellie Muscutt

Standby Art Director: Jemima Thomas

Graphic Designer: Sani Lama

1st AC: Catharina Zema

2nd AC: Jake Bennett-Young

Gaffer: Terry Lou Lewis

Spark: Pep Bosch, Hal Robinson

Boom Operator: Jake Hickey

Make Up: Gemma Lowin

Catering: Holly Mann, Tian Boyce, Amy Vearncombe, Beatriz Honorio

Chaperone: Jeremie Magar

Stills Photographer: Maria Estabanell


Watch video here.


Visuals used on live tour.

This project was originally commissioned for seven 10-second mini videos to accompany Rina’s debut EP. Creatively, our discussion centered around themes of reclaiming identity – specifically for Rina, who grew up in England, her Japanese heritage.

The day before production, Rina had signed with VEVO and asked if we could shoot a music video for the channel.

I listened to a pre-mixed version of Alterlife 12 hours before call time and was immediately inspired by its energy and message.

In between photographs on set, Rina would improvise characters for each look created by the stylist, hair and make up artist.

I created mini worlds around each avatar to enhance their personalities in the edit, with references to anime, Street Fighter and 70s Japanese vinyl cover art.


Rina Sawayama


Written by Rina Sawayama, Justin Tailor, Clarence Clarity, Ash Carvell

Mixed by Tim Rowkins

Produced by Clarence Clarity


Director / Concept /  Cinematographer / Editor / VFX / Colourist: Shane Lim

Photographer: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee

Styling: Lauren Anne Groves

Hair: Takuya Morimoto

MUA: Celia Hannah

Styling Assistant: Gabriel Love